Bovine Division Pricing

Conventional Embryo Transfer (ET)
In-Clinic Donor Management (Pre-Stim Exam, Superovulation, AI)  

   $100/donor + daily board + FSH

Embryo Collection

In-clinic or on farm    —   $250/donor
Satellite location    —   $300/donor

Embryo Transfer (Fresh, DT frozen)  


Embryo Transfer (Frozen glycerol, Vitrified) 


Embryo Freeze

In-clinic or on farm    —   $50/embryo (max $500/donor)
Satellite location    —   $50/embryo (no max)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Dominant Follicle Removal (DFR) 


Donor Management​

In-clinic (Pre-stim exam, stimulation set up)  —  $50/donor + daily board + FSH
On farm or satellite location  — $235/bottle (Call for current pricing as costs fluctuate regularly) + shipping

Oocyte Aspiration

In-clinic  —  $75/donor
On farm or satellite location  — $150/donor

Conventional Semen Fertilization​ 


Reverse-Sorted Semen Fertilization  


Additional Fertilization Fee  


Embryo Production (Per mating per aspiration)

Embryos 1-5  — $140/embryo
Embryos 6-10  — $110/embryo
Embryos 11+  — $55/embryo

Embryo Transfer (Fresh, DT frozen)  


Embryo Transfer (Frozen glycerol, Vitrified)  


Embryo Transfer w/ Lab Fee 

(Loading and fresh transfer of IVF embryos shipped from another lab)

Embryo Freeze (DT, Other options available)  

$50/embryo (max $500/donor)

Incubator Rental

  $150/incubator + cost of shipping

Additional Services
Daily Board

Cow  —  $6.50/head
Calf  —  $2.50/head


1-40 head  —  $4.50/head

41+ head  —  $3.50/head


1-40 head  —  $12/head

41+ head  —  $10/head

100+ head  —  $7/head

Fetal Sex

1-20 head  —  $20/head

21+ head  —  $15/head

Artificial Insemination (AI)  

 $20/head + $50 (cost of estrus sync supplies) = $70/head

In-Clinic Enrollment Fee

Donor  —  $35 + cost of vaccinations

Calf  —  $20 + cost of vaccinations and testing

80 Day Bred Recipients

Call for current price

(Confirmed bred, fetal sexed at 80 days. Must be picked up and paid in full within 10 days of the 80-day final preg check – boarding will be assessed)

($250 deposit required when recips are requested)

Travel Fees

Satellite location — $3.00/mile ($20 min, $750)

On farm — $3.00/mile ($20 min, $1,000 max)

Mobile Lab Fee


Overnight Fee

 $150/night per person

Billing Fees
Partnership/Billing Enrollment Fee

$100/donor (applies to all programs)

Re-Bill Processing Fee


Handling Fee

$25/shipment + shipping costs
Shipping semen/embryos

Additional fees for imports and exports of embryos, pricing depends on locations. 

We offer straight-forward and transparent pricing with no hidden fees ever.